Adhesive Direct Thermal Paper

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Adhesive Thermal Paper is thermal making paper, thermistor fax documents, used for tag printers and energy printers, its good quality will affect the particular printing effect along with storage time, and in some cases affect the life from the printer and printer.

With the growth trend of workplace, now in large-scale activities like economic development, medical treatment, aviation, etc.,while in the work of advertising departments to solve motor vehicle collisions and various bad incidents, label printers are used a growing number of, and thermal stamping paper is used a growing number of. It has much time since become a traditional technical paper, usually used for faxing documents and thermal printer paper.

Thermal printing paper is usually a different kind connected with coated paper, and its appearance is just like ordinary white report. The surface of semi gloss self adhesive paper is very even. It is dependant on plain paper. Apply a level of hot hair color as well. The chromonic layer consists of adhesive, hair color group and no tint (or absolutely no tint) without microcapsule extraction. Chemical changes are in an “ambush” circumstances. When thermal making paper encounters any heated printer nozzle, the hair colorant plus uncolored dye about the printhead cause the chemical reaction, modifying color, resulting inside images and emblems.

When the thermal printing paper lies in an setting above 70°C, the particular thermistor coating takes place to fade. The scientific explanation for its discoloration must also start from it has the composition.

There are 2 main thermistor components while in the thermal printing pieces of paper coating: one will be no color dye or leuco dye; the other is usually a color developer. Such a thermal printing paper is also referred to as two-component chemical form hot recording document

Characteristics of energy printing paper

The unstable writing the result of faxing or printing on Adhesive Direct Thermal Paper is because the colour reaction of energy printing paper will be reversible. Until the hue fades completely about the paper. Therefore, it can continue to increase the speed of the dissolution from the tonal substance under the effect associated with external standards including high working temp, wet and cold natural environment, and touch tape document, etc. Text fading is accelerated. Naturally, the fading speed can also be related to that thermal paper by itself.