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Electronic Tootbrush

Problem statement of the dental
Yellow teeth – coffee stain
Tobacco plaque teeth
Bad breath

Soniksmile electric toothbrush

Enjoy tooth washing SPA, strong sound wave flow, care for silver teeth, does not bleed
SUPERSONIC Air Flow Technology – 46000 times/minutes – the head shakes but not the body
Special care program for Asian Oral Cavity, 7 days brighter teeth
Redefine the brushing method, better quality life
Using hyper acoustic wave air flow technology. Energy is quickly generated by the flow of air to remove the stain
Strong dynamic force, large noise reduction and shock reduction.
Firm and Fine touch feeling body.
Gives you fresh breath
DuPont Bristles – USA Social Good Bristles. 40% more amount of bristle. Soft, Round and does not hurt
High performance with low noise, quiet.
Acoustic vibration
Battery continuous 60 days
15 types of intelligent cleaning mode frequency
Warranty 3 years
Whiten teeth
Remove plaque
Remove bad breath
Waterproof and water resistant level 8 5M immersion under water will not effect the quality of the product
The core movement carries the sonic wave magnet flow rotation movement(magnetic suspension)
Constant output vibration up to 39000-46000 times (brush head shaking but not the body)
Flow cleansing force – strong flow cleaning power : The high frequency vibration of the sound wave touches the columnar flow of water flow which can penetrate through the gap shape of the teeth. It will take away food residues, plaques, tooth crevices. It will clean and protect the teeth at the same time.
Long time use can help solve dental and oral problems and refresh your mouth.

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