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How to customize turnstile gate?

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Why need to customize the turnstile gate?

As a special access control hardware device, the turnstile gate has been widely used because it needs to meet different purposes and special functional requirements. It needs to be used in different places and achieve different functions. Therefore, people usually need to customize the turnstile gate according to different functional requirements, This maximizes the use of hardware resources and maintains high visibility of the appearance, and enables your venue hall or channel to display a high-end elegant appearance.

So to customize the turnstile gate, you must know what function the turnstile gate is to achieve, where it is used, and how wide the channel is so that our sales staff can recommend suitable turnstile gates for you according to your general needs, and customize the turnstile gates to meet your needs according to your functional needs. The customization of the turnstile can be carried out from the following aspects: customization of different appearance, customization of different functions, customization of different occasions, and customization of different identification methods. Of course, you can also use other special personalized customization.

Mairs can customize turnstile gates according to your requirements. You only need to send pictures and specific functional requirements. Our professional engineers will reply to you the first time and provide you with a unique product and customization security solutions. You can first check the following products page to learn about different types of turnstiles, and then customize the turnstile gate suitable for you according to your needs.

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    How to customize turnstile gate?
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