Malay Long Audio Transcription


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📢Help us develop a responsible, unbiased AI.

🔎Appen are looking for contributors in (Malaysia) who are Native/Bilingual Malay or Malaysian Chinese speakers for a tasks that you can do anytime at home.

📌Project Overview:

For a given speech fragment, judge whether the whole audio is effective or not according to the filtering rules.

If it is ineffective, please give the reason. If it is effective, use the Time Stamp to split the long audio into separated shorter ones and for each audio parts, record the text, annotate the speaker identity, speaker gender and speaker emotion, etc.


✔️You MUST be a Native/Bilingual Malay speakers or Malaysian Chinese that is required for the task.

✔️Can work at least 4 hours a day

✔️Payment:$27/USD valid hour (not working time)

✔️Have experience in audio transcription is preferred

✔️Strong reading comprehension skills in English

✔️A strong sense of responsibility, Ability to review and apply Guidelines

The tasks and comprehensive guidelines will be provided to you once you got in.

Want to get started today? ❗Become an Appen Contributor now❗

1. Visit the Appen website by clicking “Apply” Button to proceed with the registration.

2. To join the project choose Malay (Malaysia) or Malaysian Chinese as your primary language.

3. Complete  your Appen Connect account. Once your account has been created, click the “Continue” button on the upper left side of your dashboard to “Unlock More Projects!”.

4. Opt-In to the Appen China Platform using your Appen Connect Credentials and complete the documents. Please check your email from time to time as we will invite you on the project.

Important Note:

· If you already created an Appen Connect account, you can send directly your Appen Connect Email address for us to send the Project Invitation.

We are extremely excited to have you join the Appen 9 Crowd and participate in the Project!

✅Work from home with flexible hours

✅You can work on our projects around your other jobs

✅Apply many projects as many as you can!


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