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Turnstile Gate Dimensions Design

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Access control Turnstile gate dimensions:

Turnstile gate dimensions usually refer to the size of the turnstile gate chassis. We can customize turnstile gate dimensions according to your special needs. If you want to customize turnstile gate dimensions, you can contact us, directly scan the QR code on the right. Our sales experts will provide you with the perfect design for turnstile gate dimensions.

The intelligent turnstile gate is mainly used in the construction of public transportation, government construction, enterprise construction, public place construction, residential construction, other construction, and so on. We constantly break through the industry arc difficulties and domestic material surface treatment difficulties and work hard on the gate structure, appearance, and function of the gate to meet the diversified and personalized user requirements. Today we will introduce the structure and dimension of the access control turn style gate chassis.

The chassis of the turnstile gate is to protects the internal components such as the mechanism, control module, and other internal components. It can also play a supporting and aesthetic role. The main material is usually 304 or 316 stainless steel, and the auxiliary materials include plexiglass, toughened glass, resin, stone, or wood. Generally, the material selection should be firm, beautiful, not easy to deform, scratch-resistant, scratch-resistant, rust-proof, corrosion-resistant, easy to process and fix.

The structure and general turnstile gate dimensions design of pedestrian access control turnstile gate’s chassis is not regular. Mairs is actually designed according to many industry factors, customer requirements, processing methods, and other factors. Generally, turnstile gate dimensions with the same style are designed for different occasions. Today, We will take a look at the specific influencing factors and turnstile gate dimensions reference.

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    Turnstile Gate Dimensions Design
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